Fruit pet attack mech hero

In fruit Jianghu, martial arts are the most sought after! With orange fragrance, fruit treasure heroes pineapple snow, Lu Xiaoguo established orthodox most impressive. Three people known as the fruit treasure three musketeers, in the fruit lake Hangxiazhangyi curb the violent and assist the weak, and by all nations worship. But in the 3rd anniversary party, the four evil thief turned out to beat the Three Musketeers, Protestantism as crooked teach, and four out of other sects, arrest villagers will get wild fruit The people are destitute.
To rescue people and reproduce the orthodox, people in the arena crazy Chhnang secretly help, the Three Musketeers beat monsters get magic upgrade mecha, a road to the four evil thief is marching on the way with Guanzi on Yi, small fruit Ding, night Yan et al the common experience of a section with anger and scold, blood funny the story. And a bitter struggle, is a growth, with the spirit of never giving up, never yield in spite of reverses, the Three Musketeers finally defeated the four evil thief, to return to the top.
When the Three Musketeers thought the crisis lifted, not to the four evil thieves behind the East lost there! In the face of an attempt to subvert the oriental fruit arena and the four defeat evil thief, the Three Musketeers and crazy Chhnang with them in the common Lotus Hill et al Department launched a matter of fruit in the world, shaking heaven and earth at war……




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